Dawn of Madness

Created by Diemension Games

A mind-shattering story-driven cooperative board game for 1-4 players that is a true horror experience.

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Getting to Know Lynas the Priest, and a Very Special Core Unlock
6 months ago – Sat, Dec 14, 2019 at 11:02:03 PM

Hey there! After covering some of Catherine Little's story yesterday, I thought it would be good to cover another of our core Wanderers: Lynas Gershwin, the priest.

Deep Dive: Lynas Gershwin

Lynas Gershwin, the Priest

"My name is Lynas Gershwin. I have always been driven to find the truth, and to uphold it at any cost. So perhaps it is no surprise that my chosen profession is that of a priest. Some feel that God and the unseen realm are far from us, but I have always felt as if they were as close as my breath. How to arrive at them, though, has always been something that I have struggled with. In my quest to discover Truth, I became part of a group trying to ferret out and denounce heresies across America. It was on one of these excursions that I met Brother Matthias. 

Brother Matthias had been approached by an order who claimed to have a special revelation of the end of the current age and the advent of a glorious new one to come - a revelation he then experienced for himself. We confronted them, and that is when Brother Matthias shared with me his vision of Her Eminent Glory. His words spoke to me in a way that none other had before. Perhaps this was the way to Truth that I had always sought. 

So I embraced Matthias's order. Matthias took the title of Revelator and, through his words, we began the work of summoning Her Eminent Glory, and the magnificent new dawn she would reveal. It was strange, but I almost felt as if... I could feel her stirring inside of me. But the farther we went, the more I began to question our actions.  Even as I started to hear her voice whispering in my ear, I realized with mounting horror that the path I was on was not one of Truth, but of terror, fire, and blood. I began to try to stop what was happening, but it was already too late. And now... I find myself filled with a growing fear that we have condemned the world. That we have broken it beyond all repair. And I am terrified that there is no salvation from this horrific evil we have wrought. In fact, perhaps we have already received our punishment from the Almighty. Perhaps this place you and I are in now is Hell."

Lynas's Third Malformation

Lynas is a man consumed with the search for truth. That search has led him far and wide - and now, through a variety of circumstances, it has brought him to Brother Matthias, the Revelator of a strange new movement at work in the mid-US. This organization is focused around the unveiling of Her Eminent Glory, a being who will usher in a grand new era for humanity. Lynas's hunger for the otherworldly draws him into their midst, where he quickly becomes a priest of great power within the organization. 

The Grand Tribunal

Lynas begins to take part in the organization's rituals, and realizes that Eminent Glory will only arise through the purging flames of sacrifice. These sacrifices begin with animals, but quickly they move past that to people - specifically, the people who have resisted the movement's call. They are both a sacrifice and a purging punishment for unbelief.

Through the flames, they see her glory.

As these rituals continue, Lynas starts to feel something stirring within him: a powerful force that is beginning to awaken. Before long, Lynas realizes that this being inside his mind and body is the incubating Eminent Glory herself. And then the Eminent Glory begins to speak to him. Her words chill Lynas to the core. He realizes the Eminent Glory is not coming to usher in a glorious new age for mankind, but is instead coming to purge the world with flame. She comes not to save, but to utterly destroy. And she plans to use Lynas as her vessel. 

The Land of the Dead

Realizing his grievous mistake, Lynas begins to fight against both the cult he finds himself trapped inside, as well as against the growing evil swelling within him. But the flames are already coming. And Lynas may be much too late to do anything to stop them. 

Manifest Glory
Her Eminent Glory Unleashed

Or at least that's one way the story could be told. Is it the truth, though? I suppose you'll just have to find out for yourself.

In Fire Cleansed

Lynas's Terrors: The Penitents


“You said, if we just paid our penance for our misplaced worship, that our sins would be forgiven. You told us that, if we just made obeisance to Her Eminent Glory, then everything would be made right. But now we’re in chains. We’re trapped, and we can’t get out. Is this purgatory? Are we paying penance still? Or is this something worse? Did you lie to us, Priest? Did you misguide us? Are we doomed to Hell along with you? Please… Please, you must help us. You must free us from this walking nightmare. Please. Please! WHY WON’T YOU DO ANYTHING, PRIEST?”

Penitent Purgatory


“We beat ourselves over and over, flagellating ourselves for our sins. But no matter how many stripes we apply to our body, no matter how many times we bruise our flesh or make ourselves bleed, it’s never enough. Will we ever be free of this Hell? Will you ever tell us it’s okay? Or maybe the truth is that you’re impotent, Priest. That we’re not suffering for our sins anymore, but for yours. Is that it? Perhaps we’ve been beaten enough. Maybe… Maybe it’s your turn now. What do you think of that? Will that finally please Her Eminent Glory?”

Penitent Flagellant


“You left us. You abandoned us to the flames and the dogma and the despair. And we thank you for it, because now we realize the truth. We have been forsaken. By you, Priest, by the Revelator, by Her Eminent Glory. Tell us, did you only ever want us for our flesh? Or did you want us for our souls? Not that it makes any difference. In either case, we were only ever sacrifices to you and your kind. Only ever something to be devoted to destruction. But now we’re free. Our chains are broken.  Tell us, shall we free you as well, Priest? We feel… it’s only fair.”

Penitent Forsaken

Today's Daily Unlocks: The Written Rift Box, and a Core Box Storage Insert!

Today the focus of our daily unlocks is going to shift. Normally the most exciting unlock is at the Otherworld level as we reveal Anita's chapter. And, while today is still very exciting for her (we are unlocking her chapter's beautiful box! And it means that Anita's expansion is completely unlocked), it is not the true star of today's unlocks.

There has been speculation for quite some time about what that strange black box with a question mark in it was in the daily unlocks. Well, today we finally get to tell you. Drum roll please...

It's a specially designed storage insert for the core game!

The Core box storage solution and The Written Rift expansion box.

Yep. You heard that right. We're pulling out all the stops for this insert, too. It will introduce a unique, organized storage solution within the core box itself. Each Wanderer's components will get an individual storage box that can be placed inside the insert when they're in a campaign, complete with plastic trays inside each box to help keep things neat and tidy. These boxes (along with the other compartments in the insert) will help to optimize the setup process for the game, as well as the breakdown. And what's more, this insert will also include save slots to utilize between chapters in the campaign. So, you will be able to pack the full game away, then pull it back out a week (or more) later and know exactly where you left off. 

This storage solution can hold all the cards with sleeves.

This insert is something we are incredibly excited about, and we hope you will be, too. Our goal is that this insert will make setting up and taking down a game so easy that setup is the last thing on your mind when you decide to play a game of Dawn of Madness.

Now, this will not fit all components for all eight Wanderers at one time (though each Wanderer will have their own box to fit in it for when they are being played in a campaign.) This is not necessarily a substitute for the component storage box and the miniatures storage box that we've been voting on (which, if you want, you can still vote on right here  by leaving a comment - we're getting closer to the minimum quantity of interest we would need to make them a reality), but, regardless of if we get those boxes or not, this will make the core box not just another box, but a tool to aid your gameplay.

Live Stream Today!

To make up for lost time (and broken streams), we're going to do one more live stream before the campaign ends, and it will be today at around 1pm PST! The link will be on the campaign page before I go live, so come join me and let's hang out! (It'll be on YouTube again this time. My hopes for having both YouTube and Facebook running simultaneously continue to diminish with each stream...) Can't make it tomorrow? No worries! We'll also be live streaming for the end of the campaign on Tuesday, probably starting at 2pm PST!

Okay, that's it for this update! See you guys on the live stream, and talk to you again soon! 

Social Update, Anita's Book, and Metal Sentience Tokens
6 months ago – Fri, Dec 13, 2019 at 11:11:44 PM

Hey guys! I hope you had a great day. We've got some cool stuff today, so let's get going! (Also, if you're wanting some more story stuff and a deeper look into one of the Wanderers, be sure to check out the update I posted a few hours ago right here.)

First of all, I just discovered we are number 10 on Rolling Solo's 25 Best Kickstarters of 2019! So that's pretty cool! What's even cooler is that this is actually a list voted on by his community. I'm guessing some of you voted for us in that, so thank you! You can check out the video here (we show up around 24:11, but it should be all geared up for you below):

Now let's move on to the Daily Unlocks!

Anita's Book of Stories

At last, the writer finally gets her book! They say that books are portals into other worlds. Think that will be true of this one? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Today we unlocked 8 new Finale Encounter cards at the Core level, and Anita's story book at the Otherworld level!

Today we unlocked 8 new Finale Encounter cards at the Core level (2 for each of the 4 core Wanderers), and Anita's story book The Written Rift at the Otherworld level. We're drawing close to the end of Anita's unlocks! Just a few things more to go! (Of course, we're also coming up on the end of the campaign, so I suppose that makes sense. =) 

Social Stretch Goal Update!

I've been pretty quiet on the social stretch goals the last couple of days, but it's about time we dove back in to all of the madness and see where we're at! Did we unlock the Tutorial Chapter? Let's find out!

First, we have our second man-eating plant, courtesy of Dan/fiendishsnowman: 

A harrowing sight if ever I've seen one.

We also have our SECOND mashed potato monster from Kai!!

Truly terrifying to behold!

And our THIRD from Anthony!

I can't unsee it. And now you can't, either.

We also have a bunch more haikus!

  • My eyes see within
  • And within there's flesh and blood
  • Blind to the real world

- John @portalmasterr

  • I've run and run, but
  • The Cosmos is always close.
  • Fear the Numina.

  • Reaching for the light,
  • I clutch my hand, all in vain -
  • My sanity's gone.

- NEETocris

In your mind they wait
Your deepest fears without shape
They seek something more

- Dean

  • Travelled through old gate
  • Witnessed horrendous visions
  • Lost my consciousness

- Juha Takalo

  • She wanders the field…
  • sowing the meat in the soil.
  • Horror takes root…slash!

- Mr. E52s

  • I deserve the book
  • For my haiku is so poor
  • It is a horror.

- Zoltán Déry

  • Strange plains before
  • Eerie lights parting the fog
  • Abo is behind me?

- Foxwhisperer

  • Roll all the dice now, please.
  • See all those pretty colors.
  • Puzzle piece don't fit.

- C

  • Now I know horror
  • In-Laws are coming to stay
  • For eternity

- Liquid Limn

We also have several more horror short stories! Here's one from Dean:

Ana Valez - The Orphan

Her mind had been ripped to pieces. It had taken an agonizingly long time to finally gather enough scrapes of consciousness to really be called a person. At least, that's what she thought she was, this young girl, with dark eyes, dark short hair and at her side a small hand sewn bear, cut from a patterned cloth, it's mouth a smile of stitches, his name was Mr. Fiddler. This young child, whisked away from the Nightingale Orphanage, to meet a brighter future, promised to her by the headmistress, Loralie Wagner. All it had taken was a few whispers, little observations about her fellow wards. Life in the orphanage was tough.

And now she was here. It looked much the room were she'd slept, a long row of beds lined along the walls, hers tucked away in the corner. Across from her slept Emma, a newcomer by Ana's standards, with red hair and her eyes always puffed up and red from constantly sniveling, even in the dead of night, until she was taken away. Mr. Fiddler had been hers once but now it was Ana's. She had been taken away a few weeks ago, but Ana could see a sobbing figure in that bed, a tuft of red hair peeking over the covers. Then she heard a soft thud behind her. She turned to find a huge stuffed bear that towered over her, it looked to be a cruel facsimile of Mr. Fiddler himself, with it's dark stitches and patterned body, but it was twisted, and from a large rip in his stomach burst stuffing intertwined with other objects that looked almost like hands and socks, and it's mouth bore the remains of stitches that one fastened it closed but had been cut to reveal a face that grinned hungrily with a maw of sharp and serrated teeth, and upon it's shoulder sat a little girl. She was very doll like, all stitched together, and yet she looked very similar somehow, with her dark hair and dark porcelain eyes, her fingers pointed right at the bed where the girl cried. It seemed the big bear was still hungry.

I had several more story entries, too, but for two reasons I have separated them into a Google Doc. The first one by Hayabusa is in there because it's a little bit long. There are also two by Cristiano, which I have put in there because they are GRAPHIC. (And if I'm saying something is graphic, it's a pretty fair bet they are. LOL!)  Having said that, I still wanted everyone to get a chance to check out their hard work, even if not in this specific update. Want to read those stories? Then click here!

So. The question that I'm sure everyone is wondering: have we beaten our last social stretch goal?

Well, we have received a number of haikus. Not all of them were scary (which was a requirement), but many of them were. And, technically, we are now over twenty by quite a bit, so I will count the not-so-scary haikus as two-to-one. And that means... 

We unlocked the Tutorial Chapter! Huzzah!

We have officially unlocked the Tutorial Chapter for Dawn of Madness! WOOHOOOOO! Thank you so much to everyone who helped us do this! This has been a ton of fun, and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your creativity at work. =D 

Will we have more social stretch goals, since we still have several more encounters we could complete? I don't know. LOL! I'll talk with the team, and if we can come up with something cool then maybe we can shoot for another social goal in the last couple of days. =) (And, if you haven't seen me feature your stuff from social media, let me know. I don't think I'm seeing all the stuff that people are posting for some reason - Dean's entries I had to hunt down, for instance.)

Now, we've also recently been running a contest to give away several copies of the art book, and today I wanted to announce our first two winners! Congratulations, Anthony Caryl and Sam Adams! You guys both just won a copy of the art book! (Sorry, I'm not sure what your KS names are.)

Having said that, there are still two more copies to give away through social posts, and one more to give away from comments on the art book update! So, if you would like to enter for a chance to win a copy of the art book, go to this update, share the pictures in there on social media (2 more copies are up for grabs this way), or write an awesome and persuasive comment as to why we should choose you to win it (1 copy is up for grabs this way), and maybe you'll be our next winner!

Metal Sentience Tokens

Conversely from the last add-ons we offered, here is an add-on I have heard next to no one ask for (at least specifically.) But I think that, when you see them, you will agree that they are awesome - and potentially extremely useful. 

Allow me to reveal the metal Sentience tokens. These tokens will replace the cubes in the core game, adding some flair to your dashboards. In addition, it is my hope that these can solve much of the issue for our colorblind players, allowing you to easily make out each different kind of Sentience. Unfortunately we couldn't include these as stretch goals or an unlock as these things are stinking expensive to make (on many websites comparable products are running for $60-80), but we've set the price of them as low as we can to hopefully ensure that everyone who needs or wants them can grab them.  So let's take a look at them:

The metal Sentience tokens are available right now for $25 (for 80 tokens) or $35 (for 120 tokens)!

You may have some questions from looking at the picture up above. One might be, why are they shiny like glass if they're metal? Well, the reason is that they start off with a metal base that the image is printed onto, and then they are coated by a clear resin/epoxy/glue to increase their durability and to also give them a really nice, almost gem-like quality. 

The second question you may ask is, why two different price points/quantity levels? Well, once again, we wanted this to be accessible to as many people as possible. So, for $25 you will get 80 tokens, which is as many as you will need for 90% of situations in the game, and for $35 you'll get 120 tokens, which is enough for all situations in the game. So, 90% of the time, the $25 set will be plenty. But, if you want to make sure you're covered for those really extreme 10% circumstances, you can also upgrade to the $35 pack if you so choose.

And the third question you may ask would be, where the heck did those icons come from?! Well, throughout the campaign I've made no bones about the fact that I've never really been a fan of the "five senses" Sentience icons, and that I considered them WIP icons. Don't get me wrong, they look good, but to me they never really represented what Sentience was supposed to be about. (In addition, at very small sizes it can be VERY tricky to make some of the old icons out. Particularly the green thumbprint and the yellow nose.) So, these are our current stab at Sentience icons. They will be much easier to make out at small sizes, and they remove the misleading/inaccurate idea of the five senses. Are these for sure the icons that will ship with the game? No. But in my opinion they're a big step in the right direction. 

We'll have more on Sentience in the future as we work on names for the five different types. There have been some really good thoughts on that already (and you can certainly add your vote to the mix by going to this update), so we'll try to get to that either before the end of the campaign or not long after. 

Also, another reminder that we are still considering what to do about storage boxes, so, if you want them, be sure to go let us know in the comments of this update here. We still haven't met what we feel is the minimum level of interest for us to promise to do the boxes, so make your voice known if it's something you want. Last of all, if you are Italian and want an Italian translation, we are still running our poll here about that, and we need to hear from you soon. (We need a bunch more of you before we can make this a reality.)

Okay, that's it for this update! Talk to you all again very soon!

Getting to Know Catherine Little
6 months ago – Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 11:27:50 PM

Hi everyone. Today I wanted to take you into the mind of one of our more deranged characters: the farmer, Catherine Little. Enjoy. =) 

 Deep Dive: Catherine Little

Meet Catherine Little, the farmer.

"My name is Catherine Little. Before you get any big ideas, though, let me just stop you right there. People have mocked me all my life, calling me 'Little Catherine' or the like. There is nothing I hate more than someone looking down on me or treating me as inferior, and I won’t take it lightly coming from you, either.

I grew up on my family’s farmstead. My parents were tough, but fair. They had to be tough. This work’s not for the weak, and if you don’t live accordingly it’ll eat you alive. I prided myself on being able to do anything as well as any boy – or any man for that matter – and I could tangle with the best of them. I dealt with the animals and slaughtered the meat just like everyone else, but I always preferred green things. I could undoubtedly be said to have a 'green thumb.'

Speaking of plants, I added a new member to my family not too long ago: I call her Audrey. Maybe it sounds strange to name a plant, but she’s as real of a friend to me as any person. She whispered to me about wondrous things: About the new life I would have, and how I would finally get what I deserve. But then… Things changed again. This place seems darker now, somehow. Scarier. But it doesn't matter. It'll never matter. Whatever's here will be cut down, just like everything else has up 'til now. The Wild is coming, and I am its vengeance. "

Catherine's third Malformation.

Catherine has always felt closer to plants than to real people, and she has been accused of living a bit too much in her own head at times. So, when her newest plant began to speak to her, it was not that big of a surprise. The things it showed her, though, and what it promised, were far more surprising. It revealed a way for her to get back at those who she felt had wronged her for so long. To show those who had looked down at her precisely who they were messing with. Catherine would become the sword of the Wild, and she would spread its message - and its vengeance - to all around her. 

The Plant

At the same time that Catherine was executing the Wild's will, though, another force was rising from the slurry: red, strong, and beating. The Meat both fascinated and terrified Catherine. At once she felt equally drawn to it and repulsed. The Wild called on her to stop this butcher. To end its growing will before the renascence it had planned could come to fruition. 

Reconstituted Meat

As the two raging forces spread across Catherine's hometown, the townsfolk began to change. Some were overwhelmed by the Wild, and some by the Meat. These twin infections spread like wildfire, corrupting and transforming all that stumbled into their way, warping their victims' bodies with the symptoms of their particular disease.

Symptom Bile

And through it all, as both forces converged on her, Catherine continued to change into something... else. Something that was no longer human. And she grew closer... and closer... to breaking through into some other place. A dark place made not of plants and growing things, but of mind and terror. An Otherworld of feverish nightmares. 

...Or at least that's one way to see what happened. Though I guess we never did quite get to the forest of teeth or the caves full of arcane symbols and strange power...

The Forest of Teeth
What's Done in the Dark

The Symptoms

Symptom Bile

“The plants came like a plague of vines, changing and ensnaring all that they touched. Perhaps I should have been alarmed at the way they grew, but they were so beautiful. I couldn’t help but spread them. I gave them to friends. I gave them to family. I gave them to my enemies. I didn’t realize how they were affecting me – changing me – until it was too late. But, even if I had known, would I have stopped? No, probably not. After all, I wasn’t just doing it for the plants: I was doing it for her. For Catherine. I always did have a sweet spot for her. They always say that love is blind, and maybe they’re right. I did this for you, Catherine. For us. I lo – I lov – Huuaagggh!”

Symptom Bile

Symptom Contagion

“I always preferred meat to plants. After all, why would someone choose to eat a plain salad when they could have a lovely, juicy, bloody steak? Mm, just the thought of the flesh ripping in my mouth, of the juices dribbling down my chin, it’s enough to make me start salivating. I think that the love of meat can be contagious, like a virus for your senses. It’s just enough to reach out and grab you sometimes. To make you want. To shake you with hunger. The meat can change you, too. It has certainly changed me. I feel its power pulsing through my veins as if it were still alive, wriggling in my stomach, a conscious, vibrant thing that wants out. Oh, dear. It’s coming now.”

Symptom Contagion

Symptom Sputum

“I feel two powers at work in my body, and they are tearing me apart. They seem locked in a war with each other, and what’s left of me is caught in the middle. I feel the slithering of the growing plants, and the festering of the bloody meat. It’s… horrible… to have this battle raging within me. They are drawn to each other, you see, but they also seek to eradicate one another. I must get them out of me. I must purge myself of them before there’s nothing of me left inside. I… Uh… No. It’s too late – GAH! They rip, they tear – They’re reshaping me into something else – I’m pulling apart! Th-they’re both coming at the same time! PLEASE! STOP! No – hurgh! Blauhl! Blaaaalgh!”

Symptom Sputum

Well that's it for this little look into Catherine's story! I hope you've enjoyed it! =D We'll be back with our normal update in a few hours. Talk to you then!

The Advent of the Mat, The Dice Pack Cometh, The Family Comes for a Visit, and Live Stream Recap
6 months ago – Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 09:17:57 PM

Hey there, friends! It's another day of madness! Let's see what it's going to bring for us.

First of all, we did another live stream yesterday! It was a ton of fun, and I wanted to thank everyone who joined me. We are likely going to do another one on Saturday at 12pm PST, then all of us are going to hang out for the last couple hours of the campaign on Tuesday (probably starting at 2pm PST)!

If you missed the live stream today, you can watch it right here:

A couple caveats on it, though: the video starts with a very strange orange glow. This goes away after a few minutes when I discovered if I removed my hat it completely changed the color of the video. (I have no answers on why.) The other caveat is, this video is 2-and-a-half hours long. (DANG!) So you probably are going to want to skip around rather than watching the full thing.

But now let's get on to our daily unlocks!

The Family Arrives 

You always wanted a family of your own. But you never imagined it would come like this. 

The portal opens, and they lumber through. A husband, a wife, and two children. You had written about them. You had dreamed about them. But the reality is a nightmare, not a dream. How could you have mistaken them for the loving family that you've always wanted? Now it's too late. They're already here. And they're coming, slowly, implacably, for you. 

Today we unlocked 6 new Finale Encounter cards for Catherine, as well as the gruesome Final Boss Family for Anita!

Today we get 6 new Finale Encounter cards for Catherine at the Core level, as well as the monstrous, lumbering amalgamation of the Family for Anita at the Otherworld level. The holidays must truly be getting close if the Family is arriving already...

And Now, Some Highly Requested Add-Ons!

There have been a number of requests throughout the campaign, but there were two that kept coming up (in addition to the storage boxes, which we are still taking a vote on to see if we'll do them. If you're interested in the storage boxes, be sure to let us know by clicking here and leaving a comment!) First up, we have the extra dice pack!

The Extra Sentience Dice Pack is now available for $15!

These Sentience dice are just like the ones in the core box, but buying this pack will get you 15 more of them. (Perfect for multiplayer games so you don't have to keep passing dice across the table.) As custom as the dice in this game are already, it would be very difficult to do something different with them without making them harder to read, so we decided to stick with the original rather than go crazy with other colors or types in this campaign. 

The next item is one that some have been asking for pretty much since day one. (That's right, Kevin, it's finally here.) May I introduce you to our neoprene game mat!

The Neoprene Game Mat is now available for $25!

The neoprene mat will be just like the game board, only in luxurious, squishy, thick, awesome neoprene. It will have stitched edging, too, for that really premium feel and a textured back to keep it from sliding around. Obviously what you see above is just a render with the current version of the game board on it, but the final version will have all of the same revisions as the standard board. As the owner of the only Dawn of Madness neoprene mat currently in existence (based on the Gen Con design), I can safely say that this will be worth it. (Neither the mat nor the extra dice are included in the Gameplay Mostly All-In, as neither one are strictly necessary for play.)

We will have a new, surprise add-on tomorrow as well. It's one I'm pretty excited to show you all that I think you guys will really enjoy. Until then, I hope you like the neoprene mat!

Okay, that's it for this update. (I suppose it's okay to have at least one every once in a while that's kind of short and sweet.) I'm going to try to have two updates today (if I can pull it off), so stay tuned! Have a great day!

Faces of the Sphere, Where We've Been, and a Live Stream Today
6 months ago – Wed, Dec 11, 2019 at 07:15:29 PM

Today I wanted to dive into one of the expansions we haven't talked about a whole lot before now. I also wanted to show you some of what's coming, and where we've been. And there's also details about the next live stream! So let's get to it!

First, let's check out today's Daily Unlocks! Today we've unlocked 6 new Finale Encounter cards for Emily at the Core level, and 60 Plot tokens for Anita at the Otherworld level! 

Today we unlock 6 new Finale Encounter cards for Emily at the Core level, and 60 plot tokens for Anita at the Otherworld level!

What's really exciting, though, is what's coming tomorrow. Stay tuned, because something epic and gruesome is shuffling toward us from around the next bend!

Faces of the Sphere

Today I wanted to showcase one of our expansions that we haven't talked a whole lot about: The Faces of the Sphere. Originally this expansion was featured in our Deep Madness reprint campaign, but it is also fully compatible with Dawn of Madness. Here's what's in it: 

Meet The Faces of the Sphere. They would love to come say hello.

The Faces of the Sphere features the Visages: 9 insane miniatures who are warped distortions of some of Deep Madness's most popular Investigators. These people stumbled into the Otherworld through the Kadath deep sea mining facility and then couldn't find a way back out. They wandered through time and space, lost, preyed upon by their own fears, nightmares, and past, searching for a way home. But now they're here. With us. And they don't seem to be too happy about it.

Are the Visages the shattered, corrupted reflections of the Investigators? Or are they the twisted remains of their souls? It is impossible to know for sure.

These 9 Terrors will add significantly more variety to your gameplay experience - and what's more, if you ever end up getting Deep Madness then this expansion will also include cards that are playable in that game. 

Already purchased Faces in the reprint campaign for Deep Madness? Then you will get the new components for Dawn of Madness for free! It's just another way we want to say thank you for being a part of Diemension Games. (And if you missed it in the reprint, you can certainly add it now. ;) 

Faces of the Sphere is available to add to your pledge today for $35. To do that, click on the "Manage your pledge" button:

Click on the "Manage your pledge" button.

Next, click on "Change your pledge":

Next, click on "Change your pledge".

And lastly, add the total of the expansion (in this case $35) to your Pledge amount, and click "Continue". 

Add the total of the expansion (in this case $35) to your Pledge amount, and then click "Continue".

We'll figure out what your additional funds were for in the pledge manager after the campaign ends.

A Quick Look at What We've Accomplished Together

So, today we thought it might be fun to just take a quick look at the things that we have unlocked with your help. 

First, here's all of the core-level stuff we've unlocked:

Here are all of the Core level stretch goals we've unlocked!

And here's a look at all of the Otherworld stretch goals that have been unlocked:

Here are all of the Otherworld stretch goals we've unlocked!

In addition to this, we have also unlocked 5 extra dice and high quality player aids in every core game, and are about to unlock (or have already unlocked - I have to add everything up) a tutorial chapter for the game through social stretch goals! 

As we head into this final week of the campaign, we thought it would be good to take a look back on all that we have already accomplished together. And, wow, we have accomplished so much! Thank you for being here with us, whether you've been here from the very beginning or you've just joined us in the last day or two. We are incredibly grateful to have you with us, and to have you as a part of this journey. We won't lie: in many ways this has been a tough campaign. But having you with us makes it worth it. =) 

Now, we know that some of you have been really concerned about the funding total slipping the last few days. (It hasn't been all that much fun for us, either.) But we just wanted to reassure you that we are actively working to reverse this trend, and that, in the end, we're all going to end up with a game that is not just another game, but a project that this community helped bring to life in more ways than one - a project that we will hopefully all be proud to call ourselves a part of. We don't take your trust in this campaign lightly: our company literally wouldn't exist without you. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. (And about those stretch goals: don't worry about them. We won't lock anything that we've unlocked already, nor will we leave you guys hanging. And the final 48 hours are still coming up, as is the pledge manager next year!)

Live Stream Today

I'm going to do another live stream today! It was asked that this one be at 4pm PST, so that's what we'll go for this time. If that time doesn't work for you, we'll work to get a time that accommodates you in the next one. (Actually, the next one may be the campaign finale, so it may be a moot point. But, if we do one sooner, we'll definitely work to get a time that'll work well for you if you ask for it.) Maybe this time we'll finally have both Facebook and YouTube working, but if not we'll be over on YouTube again so the folks without Facebook can still participate. Either way, you'll find the video on the campaign page! So, if you're able, come hang out with me! We always have a good time! =)

That's almost it for today - except that we have been negligent in picking winners for our Facebook contest! So let's take care of a couple of those right now: congratulations, Mattias Redbo and Michael Shea! You just won a copy of the Otherworld pledge! 

There's still 6 more copies up for the giveaway, so if you would like to enter go to this post, like it, and share it!

Talk to you all again in a few hours!